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Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 13:43

Placenta Pillsplacenta


 My piece.......My daughter in law was expecting her second child and I received a text from her  to say 'Nana, (that`s what I`m now known the big kids as well as the small ones) what do you think about Placenta Pills'? It wasn`t one of the normal messages I would get from her but I was intrigued and after reading about it, it became apparent that Sam had probably suffered from a bit of Post Natal Depression after giving birth to her first born, as it appeared that it was one of the many reasons New Mum`s were looking into them.

She said that, she had been doing some homework on them, you could send your placenta away and have it made up into the pills....neither of us felt at ease with this but no more was said until a few weeks later when Sam asked, 'What about making them up for me Nana'? Well I thought, I would rather do it, then send it off to a stranger to make up.

I wasn`t repulsed by it and started doing my own homework, looking at the  YOUTUBE Video's they all appeared to be our fellow sisters across the pond and I couldn`t find anybody doing it here in Blighty.

The next conversation I had with Sam went like this... `I've asked Ben (her hubby, my son) what do you think about your Mum making up the Placenta Pills`, he said, 'you can`t ask anybody else, she`s the one for the job...she`ll love it'.

So the deal is sealed, Sam had already got a coffee grinder and the pills to put them in.

All we needed to do was wait for the birth and then we could get going.

Sam gave birth to a beautiful little girl Florence Rose on Wednesday 1st August 2018 along with a very healthy placenta.


The midwives checked it over and it was bagged up and Ben brought it home that evening, I had left another bag and a tin, to place it in and he put it in the fridge and there it stayed until the Friday.


I had left a whole day clear as I wasn`t sure how long this procedure would take.

On waking, I wondered whether I should shower and wash my hair before or after the preparing, it felt right to shower and wash my hair before and strangely I dressed in pale blue, you might have thought with it being a girl, pink would be the order of the day but I listened to my inner voice and so blue it was.


I set the scene, everything was sterile and I lit a candle and played a CD that I listen to quite regularly, it helps to balance my hormones and it felt like the right thing to do.

As I took the bag out of the fridge I could feel myself welling up, this was an honour to have been asked to do this.

The sun was coming in the kitchen window and all was well in the world.

I removed the layers of bags and lay it on a sterile didn`t repulse me, it didn`t smell, as some of the online videos had warned, it looked like a beautiful Tree of Life, it had after all fed my gorgeous little Flo and kept her alive.

As I looked at it, I thought this looks fresher and healthier than a joint of meat you would buy at the butchers, as who knows what has been pumped into some of that.

I had brought a brand new washing up bowl for this process, I washed and washed the placenta until the water was clear and then placed it on to a board lined with kitchen towel, I patted it and patted it dry, as it was important to make sure there was no moisture.

I then chopped it up into bite size pieces and lay them on a foil plate that I had pierced with holes, to allow it to dry out in the oven.

The oven was set on a very, very low heat, as it was important to not cook it but almost dehydrate it.

Just before I put it in the oven my husband came home, it was immediately obvious to me that he was not to enter the door until the placenta was firmly tucked up in the oven, no male energy was to enter into it at this time....more on this later.

All through the day I had been testing it ( I couldn't and didn't want this to go wrong).

Hours later we have what looked like little nuggets of gold (my Son had said it was to look similar to Beef Jerk) and the next step was to let it cool down.

Once it was cooled down I set about laying out the encapsulating gear, ready to fill them with the powdered placenta. At this time I was intuitively led to ask my hubby to help out at this point...I was thinking now that it was time for the male energy to complete the procedure. I must tell you dear reader that my hubby is the sort of Man who knows me all too well and is never surprised as to what I get up to next, always keen to help out when needed.

Together we ground the placenta into powder and filled the pill capsules and places them lovingly into a sealed kilner jar ...Job done!

We delivered the next day to Sam and baby Flo, where cuddles were order of the day . x


Sam`s bit ... So, where do I start,  Mumsie or Nana as she’s fondly now known since the birth of our first born three years ago, kindly offered to make the placenta pills up for me and the results were fascinating to say the least.

I started looking into placenta encapsulation when I first found I was pregnant with number two as I’d heard they were good at combating the baby blues, amongst other benefits. I had an emergency section with my first and to say I was in total shock for the first few months was an understatement! I was keen to do anything I could to avoid feeling the way I felt the first time around, not just for my sake but for the whole family.

Obviously Nana was the one to be given the task as anyone else I’d mentioned it to, raised more than an eyebrow to say the least. I looked online but was a bit worried I’d send it off and end up with Heinz 57 pills, so wanted to keep it local. Nana had  agreed to make them so we quickly started researching the best way forward, fast forward a month or so and we are now fully fledged alchemists with pill making machines, blenders and a lot more knowledge about the subject.

The day of birth was soon upon us and my husband proudly delivered the ‘doggie bag’ to his Mum, Flo was born on Wednesday and I started taking them on the  Saturday- now that’s service!

I opted for 3-4 a day dosage and to say my post natal experience was different is putting it mildly! My milk came in by the bucket load that day, which didn’t happen with my first - this was the first sign I noticed after taking the pills. Secondly, I found there was a bit of a  correlation between the blood loss and the pills, they certainly eased the bleeding. They also gave me a feeling of calm and made me feel generally more uplifted then when I had my son. My emotions weren’t like a  rollercoaster, as they had been. I took them for about 70 days and would recommend this process to anyone,  my general well-being was much better and I feel my body recovered better as a result. 

I'm so glad I had the option to take these pills, in my eye's it is natural and  I will be forever grateful to mother in law for being part of this special journey. x

 The reason for this blog is that is related to hormones, as it obviously helped my daughter in law considerably after having her 2nd child...If anyone would like to see more pics of the process from begining to end,  please pop over to The Healing Table page on Facebook on this link






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