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Tuesday, October 30, 2018, 16:07


A lack of sleep is like a long lost friend, not forgotten but sometimes difficult to connect with.

We often hear  people talking about sleep and most often, the lack of it.

That time of night when we lay our heads on our warm pillows should be a time of rejoice and a time we look forward to but for many it is the complete polar opposite, wracked with unwanted thoughts and the why`s and wherefore`s of life, it can sometimes be a time we dread.

Sleep is such a precious thing to us all and deprived of it, the world does not look such a rosy place to exist in, as with lack of sleep, comes a lack of participation in life itself.

It is a growing concern for many but I learnt that the more I worried about the lack of sleep I was getting, the longer I would lie there waiting for the next lot of sheep to arrive...#counting sheep.

I used to lie there convinced I was the only one in the world awake but of course this was not the case, there are those who are also lying there counting copious amounts of furry four legged animals too, those who are working night shifts, people in other time zones, all going about their daily routine but awake.

Unexplained disturbed sleep patterns are a struggle but once we give them no power, we can find ourselves drifting back into the land of nod.

Sleep and disruptive hormones are not or cannot always be 'best friends'.

Ohh to have an On and Off button like the bedside lamp, wouldn`t sleep be oooh sooo easy but as it`s not, we have to find ways to cope with it.

For me when I had my 'breakdown'  I dreaded bedtime, as although it was all I wanted to do but couldn`t, I found ways to ease the stress of it.

I would take some relaxing music to bed, a magazine with an article that I had been longing to read, a small flask of tea, some plain biscuits (no I wasn`t preparing for an arctic expedition ) I was preparing for a night of haphazard sleep and then when I woke instead of panicking about it, I would turn the dim light on and get cracking on whatever I felt I needed. If I had something I was


looking forward to doing ( should I wake) it very often led to a good night's sleep, without the need of sheep jumping fences.

I learnt to turn the dread into something that I was looking forward too, should I wake or in some cases have trouble dropping off.

Some people can`t get off to sleep, some drop off easily, only to wake for no apparent reason at some unearthly hour and there are some that actually can sleep for England and don`t want to but in any of these instances,  Sleep patterns are definitely disruptive when our hormones are 'out to lunch'.

We are given copious amounts of advice, warm bath before bed, warm milk, no caffeine, keep the bedroom cool, all good solid advice but here is the thing, we are all unique and what works for one doesn`t necessarily work for another, so what I found empowering for me, was to find my own way of dealing with it....tap into that wonderful Intuition we all have and listen and to yourself, you are a wonderful and unique person , with your own built in computer to help and guide you through life...Sleep tight and don`t let the bed bugs bite x  





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