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Placenta Pillsplacenta


 My piece.......My daughter in law was expecting her second child and I received a text from her  to say 'Nana, (that`s what I`m now known as...to the big kids as well as the small ones) what do you think about Placenta Pills'? It wasn`t one of the normal messages I would get from her but I was intrigued and after reading about it, it became apparent that Sam had probably suffered from a bit of Post Natal Depression after giving birth to her first born, as it appeared that it was one of the many reasons New Mum`s were looking into them.

She said that, she had been doing some homework on them, you could send your placenta away and have it made up into the pills....neither of us felt at ease with this but no more was said until a few weeks later when Sam asked, 'What about making them up for me Nana'? Well I thought, I would rather do it, then send it off to a stranger to make up.

I wasn`t repulsed by it and started doing my own homework, looking at the  YOUTUBE Video's they all appeared to be our fellow sisters across the pond and I couldn`t find anybody doing it here in Blighty.

The next conversation I had with Sam went like this... `I've asked Ben (her hubby, my son) what do you think about your Mum making up the Placenta Pills`, he said, 'you can`t ask anybody else, she`s the one for the job...she`ll love it'.

So the deal is sealed, Sam had already got a coffee grinder and the pills to put them in.

All we needed to do was wait for the birth and then we could get going.

Sam gave birth to a beautiful little girl Florence Rose on Wednesday 1st August 2018 along with a very healthy placenta.


The midwives checked it over and it was bagged up and Ben brought it home that evening, I had left another bag and a tin, to place it in and he put it in the fridge and there it stayed until the Friday.


I had left a whole day clear as I wasn`t sure how long this procedure would take.

On waking, I wondered whether I should shower and wash my hair before or after the preparing, it felt right to shower and wash my hair before and strangely I dressed in pale blue, you might have thought with it being a girl, pink would be the order of the day but I listened to my inner voice and so blue it was.


I set the scene, everything was sterile and I lit a candle and played a CD that I listen to quite regularly, it helps to balance my hormones and it felt like the right thing to do.

As I took the bag out of the fridge I could feel myself welling up, this was an honour to have been asked to do this.

The sun was coming in the kitchen window and all was well in the world.

I removed the layers of bags and lay it on a sterile board...it didn`t repulse me, it didn`t smell, as some of the online videos had warned, it looked like a beautiful Tree of Life, it had after all fed my gorgeous little Flo and kept her alive.

As I looked at it, I thought this looks fresher and healthier than a joint of meat you would buy at the butchers, as who knows what has been pumped into some of that.

I had brought a brand new washing up bowl for this process, I washed and washed the placenta until the water was clear and then placed it on to a board lined with kitchen towel, I patted it and patted it dry, as it was important to make sure there was no moisture.

I then chopped it up into bite size pieces and lay them on a foil plate that I had pierced with holes, to allow it to dry out in the oven.

The oven was set on a very, very low heat, as it was important to not cook it but almost dehydrate it.

Just before I put it in the oven my husband came home, it was immediately obvious to me that he was not to enter the door until the placenta was firmly tucked up in the oven, no male energy was to enter into it at this time....more on this later.

All through the day I had been testing it ( I couldn't and didn't want this to go wrong).

Hours later we have what looked like little nuggets of gold (my Son had said it was to look similar to Beef Jerk) and the next step was to let it cool down.

Once it was cooled down I set about laying out the encapsulating gear, ready to fill them with the powdered placenta. At this time I was intuitively led to ask my hubby to help out at this point...I was thinking now that it was time for the male energy to complete the procedure. I must tell you dear reader that my hubby is the sort of Man who knows me all too well and is never surprised as to what I get up to next, always keen to help out when needed.

Together we ground the placenta into powder and filled the pill capsules and places them lovingly into a sealed kilner jar ...Job done!

We delivered the next day to Sam and baby Flo, where cuddles were order of the day . x


Sam`s bit ... So, where do I start,  Mumsie or Nana as she’s fondly now known since the birth of our first born three years ago, kindly offered to make the placenta pills up for me and the results were fascinating to say the least.

I started looking into placenta encapsulation when I first found I was pregnant with number two as I’d heard they were good at combating the baby blues, amongst other benefits. I had an emergency section with my first and to say I was in total shock for the first few months was an understatement! I was keen to do anything I could to avoid feeling the way I felt the first time around, not just for my sake but for the whole family.

Obviously Nana was the one to be given the task as anyone else I’d mentioned it to, raised more than an eyebrow to say the least. I looked online but was a bit worried I’d send it off and end up with Heinz 57 pills, so wanted to keep it local. Nana had  agreed to make them so we quickly started researching the best way forward, fast forward a month or so and we are now fully fledged alchemists with pill making machines, blenders and a lot more knowledge about the subject.

The day of birth was soon upon us and my husband proudly delivered the ‘doggie bag’ to his Mum, Flo was born on Wednesday and I started taking them on the  Saturday- now that’s service!

I opted for 3-4 a day dosage and to say my post natal experience was different is putting it mildly! My milk came in by the bucket load that day, which didn’t happen with my first - this was the first sign I noticed after taking the pills. Secondly, I found there was a bit of a  correlation between the blood loss and the pills, they certainly eased the bleeding. They also gave me a feeling of calm and made me feel generally more uplifted then when I had my son. My emotions weren’t like a  rollercoaster, as they had been. I took them for about 70 days and would recommend this process to anyone,  my general well-being was much better and I feel my body recovered better as a result. 

I'm so glad I had the option to take these pills, in my eye's it is natural and  I will be forever grateful to Nana...my mother in law for being part of this special journey. x

 The reason for this blog is that is related to hormones, as it obviously helped my daughter in law considerably after having her 2nd child...If anyone would like to see more pics of the process from begining to end,  please pop over to The Healing Table page on Facebook on this link







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If you are reading this and thinking `IF ONLY` I could...then can I ask, what is stopping you?

Work, Children, Household Chores, Shopping, Parents, the list is endless as to the priorities in our busy lives but let`s think about it....who will keep all these balls juggling in the air, if we go down?

There is a small word that a lot of us are afraid to use and that two letter word is NO!

We feel as if we are letting people down, if we refuse an invitation or say we cannot help out, we feel guilty but we cannot give our best to others, if our fuel tanks are on empty.

Maybe start with little bite size chunks of the day make some time for yourself, take a long bath, go for a walk, exercise, nap or just something that makes your heart sing! x

You will start to feel good about yourself and in turn have more energy and motivation.

In reality, we can`t feel good about ourselves when we are in turn giving our all to others.

Building a good relationship with yourself can only be a good thing and in turn will bring more fulfilling relationships with those you love.

When we learn to love and respect ourselves you will see the relationship you have with yourself and others change. It may change the way you look at those in your circle of friends, this can be no bad thing, de clutter, be selective over those you want to share your space with...if you have those who are draining your energy instead of making you feel buoyant, then maybe it`s time to move on.

When we are prepared to put the work into nurturing ourselves, in turn we will inevitably  see a shift in what the Universe brings us in return...go on, have a go, do it, you deserve it! x










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The Great Outdoors


What better way to re connect with yourself than the Great Outdoors....A gift from Mother Nature, which is free....NO CHARGE!

In yesteryear we used to embrace the outdoor life but as technology and longer hours of work prevail, we are all being governed by the screen, whether that is the TV, mobile, laptop, I Pad, electronic gadgets, we are forgetting that the beauty of nature and the countryside is natures prescription to Anxiety and Depression.

You cannot help but embrace the Great Outdoors when you are presented with its gifts...Mother Nature brings us many gifts and the changing of the seasons is just one of them.


Our senses revel in the outdoor life, enabling us to switch off from the stresses of modern life .

We are now in the midst of Autumn, where the leaves are falling and the Autumnal shades bring colour to what can sometimes be grey days.

Winter is just around the corner and when it bites us on the bum, it allows us to hibernate, light the fire, take stock of our live, rest and sleep.


When Spring bursts into bloom it brings with it New Beginnings... new growth and colour once again returning after the darker, shorter nights. A time to prepare the soil, for new growth... just to see the new shoots appear, can bring a smile!

Summer gifts us with longer days of light and Sun, it renews our Strength and life looks bright and colourful. The sun against our faces gives a sense of well being and gives us a shot of well needed Vitamin D.



Mother Nature, prescribes what is needed for each and everyone of us, she is always there with a helping hand, the trees that shelter us from the winds, the sky that holds The Stars, Moon and The Sun. Plants that adorn our gardens with colour and hope. The countryside that stretches for miles with its hidden treasures. The tides of the Sea that ebb and flow, all we have to do is embrace each of the gifts she bestows upon us...Free of charge!


In challenging times it can be difficult to even think about setting foot outside the door but if you can just open a window or sit on the step and Breathe....it`s a step in the right direction, I Promise you!







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A lack of sleep is like a long lost friend, not forgotten but sometimes difficult to connect with.

We often hear  people talking about sleep and most often, the lack of it.

That time of night when we lay our heads on our warm pillows should be a time of rejoice and a time we look forward to but for many it is the complete polar opposite, wracked with unwanted thoughts and the why`s and wherefore`s of life, it can sometimes be a time we dread.

Sleep is such a precious thing to us all and deprived of it, the world does not look such a rosy place to exist in, as with lack of sleep, comes a lack of participation in life itself.

It is a growing concern for many but I learnt that the more I worried about the lack of sleep I was getting, the longer I would lie there waiting for the next lot of sheep to arrive...#counting sheep.

I used to lie there convinced I was the only one in the world awake but of course this was not the case, there are those who are also lying there counting copious amounts of furry four legged animals too, those who are working night shifts, people in other time zones, all going about their daily routine but awake.

Unexplained disturbed sleep patterns are a struggle but once we give them no power, we can find ourselves drifting back into the land of nod.

Sleep and disruptive hormones are not or cannot always be 'best friends'.

Ohh to have an On and Off button like the bedside lamp, wouldn`t sleep be oooh sooo easy but as it`s not, we have to find ways to cope with it.

For me when I had my 'breakdown'  I dreaded bedtime, as although it was all I wanted to do but couldn`t, I found ways to ease the stress of it.

I would take some relaxing music to bed, a magazine with an article that I had been longing to read, a small flask of tea, some plain biscuits (no I wasn`t preparing for an arctic expedition ) I was preparing for a night of haphazard sleep and then when I woke instead of panicking about it, I would turn the dim light on and get cracking on whatever I felt I needed. If I had something I was


looking forward to doing ( should I wake) it very often led to a good night's sleep, without the need of sheep jumping fences.

I learnt to turn the dread into something that I was looking forward too, should I wake or in some cases have trouble dropping off.

Some people can`t get off to sleep, some drop off easily, only to wake for no apparent reason at some unearthly hour and there are some that actually can sleep for England and don`t want to but in any of these instances,  Sleep patterns are definitely disruptive when our hormones are 'out to lunch'.

We are given copious amounts of advice, warm bath before bed, warm milk, no caffeine, keep the bedroom cool, all good solid advice but here is the thing, we are all unique and what works for one doesn`t necessarily work for another, so what I found empowering for me, was to find my own way of dealing with it....tap into that wonderful Intuition we all have and listen and to yourself, you are a wonderful and unique person , with your own built in computer to help and guide you through life...Sleep tight and don`t let the bed bugs bite x  





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Finding something that feeds your soul, is just as important as the food we eat.

To nourish our inner being can bring about peace and tranquillity in our lives.

When you have hit rock bottom and struggle to get out of bed and can only divide your day into bite size pieces, to manage your day, the last thing we want to do, is dedicate even more time to something else.

For any of us who have struggled with Mental Health equilibrium, life can be challenging but if we can just start with 5 mins a day of something, that makes your heart sing...it can bring huge benefits to our mental chatter.

For me it was Gardening, I have loved the smell of the earth and the feel of plants since my Dad taught me how to garden many years ago. There is something very grounding about digging the ground and weeding. It was for me, as if I was de cluttering, not only the garden but my mind too. With every weed I pulled it was as if I was preparing the ground for new shoots, not only in the garden but in my mind too...clearing away all the negative thoughts to enable new growth.

For those who may find that too daunting, start small, find a packet of  seeds of a flower that you love and plant them, nurture, water and feed and watch them grow.

 When they are big enough to transplant to the garden, you will see them blossom and bring colour and a sense of achievement into your life.....#lovegardening #feedyoursoul

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